Restoration of the Early Christian Church

40 Day Presentations

San Antonio - Buena Vista

Newborn Saharaim Mendoza Raised in Prayer

SAN ANTONIO | Parents, Brother Daniel Mendoza and Sister Shary Mendoza, brought their infant boy, Saharaim Mendoza, to the altar after our Sunday school sermon. The church members brought their newborn to be presented to the LORD for His blessing. The congregation accompanied the family in the supplication for the Almighty GOD’s bounty. May the…
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Robles Newborn Presented to GOD

SAN ANTONIO – Buena Vista | After our Sunday morning sermon, Buena Vista brethren celebrated the presentation of Adoraim Robles. Brother Esdras Robles and Sister Ely Robles brought their newborn to the altar, where Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal lifted the child in prayer. May the All-powerful LORD continue to prosper the Robles family! Now…
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Newborn Benjamin Aldaco Lifted In Prayer

SAN ANTONIO – Buena Vista | At the tail end of our English Sunday school, Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal presented the newborn, Brother Benjamin Aldaco, before the presence of GOD. The baby’s parents, Brother Juan Aldaco and Sister Zuri Aldaco, accompanied the minister and the congregation in prayer. May the LORD JESUS CHRIST continue…
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Jahdai Coronado Receives 40-Day Presentation

SAN ANTONIO | Brother Jahaziel Coronado and Sister Zury Coronado carry their infant, Jahdai Coronado, to the altar after our Sunday school sermon. Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal raises the newborn in prayer and asks for the Lord’s blessing with the authority bestowed upon him by the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia. May…
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Jeremiah Gomez Elevated in Prayer

SAN ANTONIO | GOD’s blessing was bountiful with the Gomez family following our afternoon praise service. Parents, Brother Eugene Gomez and Sister Mara Gomez, came to the altar to ask for a prayer for their newborn. Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal presented baby Jeremiah to the LORD. May the CREATOR continue to bless the Gomez…
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Seraias Morales Lifted in Prayer

SAN ANTONIO – Parents, Brother Zabdiel Morales and Sister Daisy Morales, carry their newborn to the altar to be presented. Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal presents Seraias J. Morales to the Lord with the authority bestowed to him by the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Flores. May God bless the Morales family! #LLDM #TLOTW…
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Two Babies Receive the Lord’s Blessing

SAN ANTONIO – Brother Jose Castillo and Sister Gisela Castillo accompany their son, Angel N. Castillo, to the altar following our Sunday school. Newborn brother, Ezequiel E. Fuentes, is presented to God after the Sunday school sermon. He is brought to the altar by his parents, Brother Julio Fuentes and Sister Maria Fuentes. May our…
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Malaquias Montejano Presented for Blessing

SAN ANTONIO | Brother Maasias Montejano and Sister Zemira Montejano carried their newborn baby boy, Malaquias Montejano, to the altar. After a series of questions, Minister D. E. Louis Cruz lifted the child in prayer for the LORD’s blessing. May GOD continue to prosper the Montejano family!

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