Restoration of the Early Christian Church

40 Day Presentations

San Antonio - Buena Vista

Zoe Gonzalez Brought Before God

SAN ANTONIO – Minister Evangelist Deacon Louis Cruz asks our Sister Sara Gonzalez and the brethren to pledge their care and guidance for the newborn Zoe Gonzalez. Minister Louis Cruz employs the authority bestowed upon him by the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, to raise baby Zoe up in prayer for her blessing.…
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Nahum N. Dominguez Presentation; 6 Souls Receive the Holy Spirit

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Jahdiel Maldonado presentation

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Ethan Hernandez & Emma Piña presentations

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Christian identity; Bethany Gomez & Castillo baby presentations

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Zacarías Montejano & Jocabed Hernández presentations

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Jeremaí Soto presentation

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Seharias Robles, Eden Ibarra & Hannah Rodriguez presentations

[youtube id=”xNS68WY_bJU”][/youtube] Esdras & Elizabeth Robles brought their little one, Seharias Robles, to present to the Lord. May God bless this family. Eden Ibarra was presented to God. May God bless this little one & her parents, Isaías & Adina Ibarra. Teenager, Hannah Rodriguez, manifested her decision to serve God before her parents, Moises &…
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