Restoration of the Early Christian Church

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Samserai Flores Looks Forward to Baptism

During the Buena Vista Sunday school sermon, Sister Samserai Flores made her way to the altar with her parents, Brother Levi and Sister Theresa. Sister Samserai expressed her interest in[…]

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Brother Joab Arzate Pledges Baptism

Following our Thursday evening service, Brother Joab Arzate Jr. came to the altar accompanied with his parents, Brother Joab and Sister Zichri. After Brother Joab Sr.’s encouraging words, his son[…]

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Four Blessed at LLDM Delgado Revivals

After a week of revivals at La Luz del Mundo: San Antonio – Delgado, four brethren were named as Holy Spirit recipients. Minister P. E. Antonio Gaona called the three[…]

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