Restoration of the Early Christian Church


San Antonio - Buena Vista

Four Blessed at LLDM Delgado Revivals

After a week of revivals at La Luz del Mundo: San Antonio – Delgado, four brethren were named as Holy Spirit recipients. Minister P. E. Antonio Gaona called the three brothers and one sister at the end of our Sunday school service. May the All-Loving GOD continue to bless the members seeking his blessing in…
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Two Confirmed With Holy Spirit

After our Sunday morning baptisms, Brother D. L. Rey Villarreal called two Buena Vista members to the altar that were blessed to have received the Holy Spirit. One brother and one sister were confirmed during revivals in Devine, Texas. May the All-loving GOD continue to bless the church! And it shall come to pass afterwardThat I will…
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Five Teenagers Receive Baptism

Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal submerged five teenagers during baptisms at the end of our Sunday school sermon. Three male and two female members accepted GOD into their hearts. May our Lord JESUS CHRIST continue to bless the youth and their families! John came baptizing in the wilderness and preaching a baptism of repentance for…
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Brethren Celebrate Sister Claudia Vazquez‘s Life

San Antonio – Buena Vista members honored Sister Claudia Vázquez’s memory during a Wednesday evening wake service. The burial service was held Thursday at noon which departed to the San Jose Burial Park. Sister Claudia left behind her husband, Brother Azael, and her three children. May the ALMIGHTY console the Vazquez family! But I do…
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Onward to Baptism for Isaac Raygoza

Brother Jaziel Raygoza and Sister Milca Raygoza accompanied their son, Brother Isaac Raygoza, to the altar at the end of our Sunday school sermon. Brother Jaziel gave testimony of his spiritual experience in the church. After Brother Jaziel’s speech, young Brother Isaac manifested his desire to be baptized. May the ALMIGHTY continue to bless Brother…
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Brother Josue Piña Pledges to Serve GOD

Following our Sunday school sermon, Buena Vista was honored with a fourteen-year presentation. Brother Josue Piña was accompanied by his parents, Brother Jerico Piña and Sister Merari Piña, to the altar. After words of encouragement by Brother Jerico, Brother Josue promised his allegiance to the church and asked to be baptized in future baptisms. May…
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Asiel Curiel Brought Before the CREATOR

SAN ANTONIO | After our Sunday school sermon, Brother Ahinoam Curiel and Sister Abby Curiel carried their newborn, Asiel Curiel, to the altar. After a set of loyalty pledge questions, Minister P. E. Antonio Gaona lifted the baby in prayer. May the LORD bless Baby Asiel and his family! Now when the days of her…
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