Restoration of the Early Christian Church


San Antonio - Buena Vista

Four Blessed at LLDM Delgado Revivals

After a week of revivals at La Luz del Mundo: San Antonio – Delgado, four brethren were named as Holy Spirit recipients. Minister P. E. Antonio Gaona called the three brothers and one sister at the end of our Sunday school service. May the All-Loving GOD continue to bless the members seeking his blessing in…
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Two Confirmed With Holy Spirit

After our Sunday morning baptisms, Brother D. L. Rey Villarreal called two Buena Vista members to the altar that were blessed to have received the Holy Spirit. One brother and one sister were confirmed during revivals in Devine, Texas. May the All-loving GOD continue to bless the church! And it shall come to pass afterwardThat I will…
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Four Receive the Holy Spirit

SAN ANTONIO – Buena Vista | In succession to our Sunday school sermon, Minister P. E. Antonio Gaona invited four brethren, two brothers and two sisters, to the altar as they were blessed with the Holy Spirit the previous week. The revival blessing was a result of two days of revivals at our temple on…
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Continued Holy Spirit Blessing for Buena Vista

SAN ANTONIO | Two additional Buena Vista congregants were added to the All-powerful Lord’s revival blessing. Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal invited these young brethren to the altar at the end of our Sunday school. The Holy Spirit reception came as a result of revivals at The Light of the World temple located at 714…
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Two More Brethren Added to Revival Blessings

SAN ANTONIO | As part of our adult praise service on Sunday afternoon, Deacon D. L. Rey Villarreal announced two more of the Lord’s disciples that are now adopted as children of God. The blessing came to our two male brethren as a result of participating in three days of revivals in Laredo and Uvalde,…
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Three Buena Vista Members Touched by God

SAN ANTONIO | During our Thursday night youth service, Deacon D. L. Rey Villarreal announces the three souls blessed with the Holy Spirit during three days of revivals from Sunday, June 16, to Tuesday, June 18, at The Light of the World, San Antonio – Buena Vista. Brethren from the San Antonio metropolitan area are also in…
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Buena Vista Rejoices in the Spirit

SAN ANTONIO | Hundreds of brethren from the San Antonio and Kirby areas congregate at 2318 Buena Vista Street for the first of three days of revivals to plea for the Lord’s blessing Sunday afternoon. Deacon D. E. Jose Luis Serrano precedes the sermon where he invites attendees to seek God’s love in prayer as…
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Four Receive Spirit from Above

SAN ANTONIO – Immediately following our baptismal ceremony, Minister Evangelist Deacon Louis Cruz invites two brothers and two sisters that were blessed with the Holy Spirit in several days of revivals at the San Antonio – Buena Vista, San Antonio – Delgado, and Kirby temples. Our brothers and sisters pass to the front of the…
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