Restoration of the Early Christian Church


San Antonio - Buena Vista

Onward to Baptism for Sister Gerizim Rios

SAN ANTONIO | The Rios family was happy to celebrate with the congregation after our Sunday school sermon. Sister Gerizim Rios was accompanied to the front by her parents, Brother Gabriel Rios and Sister Denise Rios. Brother Gabriel gave witness of his spiritual experience. After her father’s words, Sister Gerizim pledged to continue walking in…
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Brother Isaac Andrade Professes Faith

SAN ANTONIO | During our Thursday afternoon youth service, Brother Isaac Andrade came to the altar accompanied by his mother, Sister Sujeili Andrade. Sister Sujeili reminisced about their life serving the LORD in the church. The teenager manifested the faith in his heart and his desire to be baptized in upcoming baptisms. May the Almighty…
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San Antonio Brethren Say Farewell to Sister Teresa Abrego

SAN ANTONIO | Members from surrounding San Antonio temples paid their respects to Sister Teresa Abrego in a Wednesday afternoon wake service and a Thursday morning funeral service. Ministers and fellow brethren remembered Sister Teresa’s generosity, service to GOD, and dedication to singing in the choir. May the All-Loving CREATOR bless Sister Teresa’s family! But…
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Manjarrez Newborn Presented to GOD

SAN ANTONIO | Brother Carlos Manjarrez Cano and Sister Hanani Rosales Cajides brought their baby boy before the presence of the LORD and the congregation Sunday morning after our Sunday school sermon. Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal lifted the Manjarrez infant in prayer to ask the CREATOR for His blessing on the newborn. May our…
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Newborn Saharaim Mendoza Raised in Prayer

SAN ANTONIO | Parents, Brother Daniel Mendoza and Sister Shary Mendoza, brought their infant boy, Saharaim Mendoza, to the altar after our Sunday school sermon. The church members brought their newborn to be presented to the LORD for His blessing. The congregation accompanied the family in the supplication for the Almighty GOD’s bounty. May the…
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Teenager Jahdai Melchor Pledges to Serve the LORD

SAN ANTONIO | Sister Jahdai Melchor came to the altar at the end of our Sunday school service accompanied by her parents, Brother Abisai Melchor and Sister Maricruz Melchor. After Brother Abisai’s testimony of his experience in the church, our young sister-in-CHRIST pledged her desire to be baptized. Minister P. E. Antonio Gaona asked the…
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Sister Adaia Nava Makes Spiritual Decision

SAN ANTONIO | During our Wednesday evening prayer service, Sister Adaia Nava came to the altar with her mother, Sister Martha Nava. Sister Martha gave testimony of her experience in the LORD’s path. For You are my hope, O LORD GOD;You are my trust from my youth. By You I have been upheld from birth;You…
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Sister Adlai Coronado Seeks Baptism

SAN ANTONIO | At the end of our Friday evening prayer, Minister Joseph Martinez invited our Sister Adlai Coronado to the altar. Sister Adlai expressed her interest in being baptized in future baptisms. Her parents, Brother Moises Coronado and Sister Jael Coronado, also accompanied her to the front. Brother Joseph also invited the congregation to…
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