Restoration of the Early Christian Church


San Antonio - Buena Vista

Asiel Curiel Brought Before the CREATOR

SAN ANTONIO | After our Sunday school sermon, Brother Ahinoam Curiel and Sister Abby Curiel carried their newborn, Asiel Curiel, to the altar. After a set of loyalty pledge questions, Minister P. E. Antonio Gaona lifted the baby in prayer. May the LORD bless Baby Asiel and his family! Now when the days of her…
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Teenager Genesis Aguilar Seeks Baptism

SAN ANTONIO | The Aguilar family was excited to share their joy with the Buena Vista brethren after our Sunday school sermon. Brother Jorge Aguilar, Sister Sarai Aguilar, and Sister Genesis Aguilar came to the altar for a fourteen-year presentation. Brother Jorge began the ceremony by bearing witness of his conversion into The Light of…
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Sister Anani Morales Professes Faith

SAN ANTONIO | At the end of our Sunday school sermon, Brother Chucky Morales and Sister Daisy Vasquez accompanied their daughter, Sister Anani Morales, to the altar. After her father gave testimony of his experience in the church, fourteen-year-old Anani also spoke before the congregation. She manifested her desire to be baptized and continue in…
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Baby John Estrada Presented to the ALMIGHTY

SAN ANTONIO | Brother Fares Estrada and Sister Anavictoria Estrada carried their newborn, John Estrada, to the altar following our Sunday school sermon. Minister Rey Villarreal asked a few questions of the brethren and the baby’s parents. After their agreement with the set of questions, the minister raised the newborn in prayer accompanied by the…
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Newborn Esli Gutierrez Lifted in Prayer

SAN ANTONIO | Immediately following our Sunday school sermon, Brother Oscar Gutierrez and Sister Eunice Gutierrez brought their baby girl to the altar to be presented. Minister Rey Villarreal lifted the newborn in prayer where he asked that the LORD guide baby Esli’s parents in her instruction. May JESUS CHRIST bless the Gutierrez newborn and…
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Jahzim Coronado Presented to the LORD

SAN ANTONIO | At the end of our Sunday school, Brother Jahaziel Coronado and Sister Zury Coronado brought their newborn to be presented before JESUS CHRIST. Baby Jahzim Coronado was raised in prayer. May the Almighty continue to prosper the Coronado family! Now when the days of her purification according to the law of Moses…
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Onward to Baptism for Sister Gerizim Rios

SAN ANTONIO | The Rios family was happy to celebrate with the congregation after our Sunday school sermon. Sister Gerizim Rios was accompanied to the front by her parents, Brother Gabriel Rios and Sister Denise Rios. Brother Gabriel gave witness of his spiritual experience. After her father’s words, Sister Gerizim pledged to continue walking in…
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Brother Isaac Andrade Professes Faith

SAN ANTONIO | During our Thursday afternoon youth service, Brother Isaac Andrade came to the altar accompanied by his mother, Sister Sujeili Andrade. Sister Sujeili reminisced about their life serving the LORD in the church. The teenager manifested the faith in his heart and his desire to be baptized in upcoming baptisms. May the Almighty…
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