Restoration of the Early Christian Church


San Antonio - Buena Vista

Call to Africa for Sister Bethany Cano

SAN ANTONIO | As part of recent missionary deployments, The Light of the World has called Sister Bethany Cano to Africa. Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal invited our sister to the altar so that the congregation could pray in her favor. May the Omnipotent GOD continue blessing Sister Bethany and the missionaries across the globe!…
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Next Stop, Norway, for Sister Nimsi Curiel

SAN ANTONIO – During our Sunday afternoon praise service, Sister Nimsi Curiel was called to the altar by Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal. Brother Rey asked the congregation to accompany him in a prayer for our Sister Nimsi as she was called to support evangelization efforts in Norway. May our GOD Almighty continue to bless…
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Six Souls Take Step Toward Salvation

SAN ANTONIO – Buena Vista | Six brethren came to the altar at the end of our Sunday school service to receive forgiveness of sins. After a series of questions about their faith and beliefs, Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal administered the baptisms invoking the name of JESUS CHRIST with the authority given to him…
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Brother Misael Serrano Seeks Baptism

SAN ANTONIO | After a Sunday school full of blessings from an apostolic letter and prayer, teenager Misael Serrano and his parents, Brother Valentin and Sister Ofelia Serrano, came to the altar. Brother Misael Serrano professed his faith and choice to take the next step in his spiritual path. Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal invited…
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Robles Newborn Presented to GOD

SAN ANTONIO | After our Sunday morning sermon, Buena Vista brethren celebrated the presentation of Adoraim Robles. Brother Esdras Robles and Sister Ely Robles brought their newborn to the altar, where Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal lifted the child in prayer. May the All-powerful LORD continue to prosper the Robles family! Now when the days…
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Eliel Raygoza Pledges Future Baptism

SAN ANTONIO – Buena Vista | The Raygoza family rejoiced after our Sunday school sermon. Brother Jaziel Raygoza, young Eliel’s father, directed encouraging words to Brother Eliel about the struggles of following the LORD’s footsteps. Sister Milca Raygoza, the teenager’s mother, was also in attendance. Brother-in-CHRIST Eliel chose to serve in the LORD’s path and…
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Sister Zareth Gomez Chooses to Serve GOD

SAN ANTONIO – Buena Vista | In a day full of blessings, Sister Zareth Gomez manifested her decision of continuing in the church and to seek forgiveness of sins in upcoming baptisms. Her mother, Sister Keiko Sato, expressed her gratitude to the congregation and the ministers that supported her family throughout the years. May JESUS…
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Teenager Samaria Vallin Makes Baptism Pledge

SAN ANTONIO – Buena Vista | Sister Samaria Vallin chose to walk in the LORD’s path and to be baptized after our Sunday school. Brother Emmanuel Vallin also spoke about his experience in the church. Both young men and maidens;Old men and children.Let them praise the name of the LORD,For His name alone is exalted;His…
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