The Light of the World, San Antonio - Buena Vista


Holy Convocation revivals

In preparation for Holy Convocation 2012, The Light of the World Church in Buena Vista held revivals to get closer to God.  As a result, the church members rejoiced when 19 souls were blessed with the holy spirit.

Maldonado newborn presentation

The minister D.E. Elías Durán prayed for & presented the newborn, Eliam Maldonado before God.  God bless him & his parents, Moisés & Priscilla Maldonado.

Arce newborn presentation

Minister D.E. Elías Durán presented Ángel Arce before God to ask His blessings in the child’s life & service to Him.  God bless the child & his parents, Uzi & Jennie Arce.

Sanchez youth presentation

14-year-old Osaías Sanchez was presented before the Lord & the church. After some brief words from his father, he declared his desire to continue in the church & to be baptized in the next baptisms.

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