Restoration of the Early Christian Church


San Antonio - Buena Vista

Malaquias Montejano Presented for Blessing

SAN ANTONIO | Brother Maasias Montejano and Sister Zemira Montejano carried their newborn baby boy, Malaquias Montejano, to the altar. After a series of questions, Minister D. E. Louis Cruz lifted the child in prayer for the LORD’s blessing. May GOD continue to prosper the Montejano family!

Three Newborn Sisters Presented to GOD

SAN ANTONIO | After our morning sermon, Minister Louis Cruz presents our newborn sister, Zahari Flores, before the LORD’s service accompanied by her mother, Sister Martha Flores, and the rest of the members of the church. In the second presentation, Minister Louis Cruz also lifts our baby sister, Hannah Vallin, to the Creator in prayer…
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Four Receive Spirit from Above

SAN ANTONIO – Immediately following our baptismal ceremony, Minister Evangelist Deacon Louis Cruz invites two brothers and two sisters that were blessed with the Holy Spirit in several days of revivals at the San Antonio – Buena Vista, San Antonio – Delgado, and Kirby temples. Our brothers and sisters pass to the front of the…
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Buena Vista Blessed with Fourteen Baptisms

SAN ANTONIO – The Light of the World, San Antonio – Buena Vista is honored to celebrate fourteen baptisms for the glory of God. Minister Local Deacon Rey Villarreal invites our brethren to pledge their vows of faith and conviction. After the pledge, Minister Evangelist Deacon Louis Cruz baptizes the group in name of the…
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Teenager Madelyn Mosqueda Presents Spiritual Decision

SAN ANTONIO – Brother Ruben Mosqueda and Sister Perla Mosqueda accompany their daughter, Sister Madelyn Mosqueda, to the altar after our Sunday school. After some words recalling her spiritual upbringing by her father, the 14-year-old talks of her happiness serving the Lord and her desire to be baptized. May God bless the Mosqueda family!

San Antonio – Buena Vista Rings in 2018 Praising the Lord

SAN ANTONIO – The Light of the World Church members and visitors come together at 2318 Buena Vista Street to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a praise service. Individuals and families pass to the altar to honor the Lord with a memorized chapter and spiritual songs. Shortly before midnight, the congregation connects to the live…
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Two Souls Blessed with the Holy Spirit

SAN ANTONIO – Sunday is a day of very special blessing for San Antonio – Buena Vista members! Minister Evangelist Deacon Louis Cruz announces God’s Holy Spirit blessing in our Brother Kenny Medina and our Sister Zeira Vazquez during revivals at The Light of the World temple at 714 Delgado Street. May the Creator continue…
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Fuentes Couple Announces Pregnancy Blessing

SAN ANTONIO – Brother Julio Fuentes and Sister Maria Fuentes announce their expected child during our Sunday afternoon praise service. The brethren in attendance accompany the pair in a well-wishing prayer. May the Creator continue to bless the Fuentes family!

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