Restoration of the Early Christian Church

14 Year Presentations

San Antonio - Buena Vista

Zimri Serrano Manifests His Spiritual Direction

SAN ANTONIO – Brother Valentin Serrano dedicated some words to his son, Zimri Serrano, accompanied by his wife, Sister Ofelia Serrano. Brother Zimri Serrano thanked all the brethren that instructed him in his childhood and manifested his desire to be baptized. May the LORD bless the Serrano family!

Moisés Velásquez presentation

[youtube id=”na8BhNr1tUQ”][/youtube]

Jesana Morales presentation

[youtube id=”L9vQkTjxUvw”][/youtube]

Zacarías Montejano & Jocabed Hernández presentations

[youtube id=”0huD2ziV-QA”][/youtube]

Youth & its duties; Samai Vazquez presentation

[youtube id=”WdlhcJBOAUs”][/youtube]

Restoration; Ruth Chincanchan presentation; Baptisms

[youtube id=”8qXlDpyCKuQ”][/youtube]

Abisua Mascorro presentation

[youtube id=”zdRkaXfh2WE”][/youtube] Abisua Mascorro, daughter of brother D.E. Victor Mascorro & sister Consuelo Mascorro, asked for her baptism & in that showed her decision to follow in God’s service. May God bless her in her path.

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