The Light of the World, San Antonio - Buena Vista

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San Antonio - Buena Vista

Maldonado newborn presentation

The minister D.E. Elías Durán prayed for & presented the newborn, Eliam Maldonado before God.  God bless him & his parents, Moisés & Priscilla Maldonado.

Arce newborn presentation

Minister D.E. Elías Durán presented Ángel Arce before God to ask His blessings in the child’s life & service to Him.  God bless the child & his parents, Uzi & Jennie Arce.

Sanchez youth presentation

14-year-old Osaías Sanchez was presented before the Lord & the church. After some brief words from his father, he declared his desire to continue in the church & to be baptized in the next baptisms.

Balderas newborn presentation

Minister D.E. Elías Durán presented the Balderas newborn before God.  The church also wishes that God bless the baby and the parents, Juan Martin & Betsabe Balderas.

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