Restoration of the Early Christian Church

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San Antonio - Buena Vista

God’s abundant grace

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Adiram Dominguez presentation

Minister D.E. VĂ­ctor Mascorro presented the newborn, Adiram Dominguez, before the Lord. The church accompanied him in prayer for the child & his parents, Misraim & Esthela Dominguez. God bless this beautiful family!

Ramirez youth presentation

Young Ismerai Ramirez was brought before God & the church by her mother to profess her faith. She was happy to choose Jesuschrist’s path & wanted to be baptized. God bless her & her mother in this important step in her spiritual life!

Air conditioning improvements at Buena Vista

Members of The Light of the World at 2318 Buena Vista St. improved the temple’s air conditioning system in preparation for summer.

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