2318 Buena Vista St. San Antonio, TX 78207

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San Antonio - Buena Vista

Buena Vista Hosts Sunday School for English Speakers

SAN ANTONIO – The Light of the World, San Antonio – Buena Vista welcomes English speakers in a special Sunday school. SABV brethren are honored by guests from the San Antonio metropolitan area, including San Antonio – Buena Vista, San Antonio – Delgado, and Kirby. Other visitors are also welcomed from Austin, Corpus Christi, Luling,…
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Jeremiah Gomez Elevated in Prayer


Lucas Villarreal Asks for Baptism

SAN ANTONIO – After our Sunday school, Minister D. L. Rey Villarreal and his wife, Sister Grace Villarreal, accompany their son to the altar. After Brother Rey speaks about his experience when looking from church to church to find God’s blessing, Brother Lucas Villarreal asks for the congregation’s prayers in his quest for baptism and…
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